Our Mission

We believe in the boundless potential of foreign-born entrepreneurs.

Our mission is to identify, empower, and invest in the innovative ideas and ventures these dedicated individuals lead. From every corner of the globe, they bring diverse perspectives, resilience, and an unwavering drive for success that resonate with the American dream. We’re not just providing capital; we’re investing in dreams, fostering communities, and building a global network of innovation and ambition within the US landscape. By focusing on foreign-born founders eager to flourish in the United States, we’re bridging borders and ensuring that every entrepreneurial dream has the opportunity to grow and thrive on American soil.
IA Global Ventures mission - We believe in the boundless potential of foreign-born entrepreneurs

Our Investment Focus

Location Stage Amount Industries Participation
We exclusively invest in US corporations launched by foreign-born founders.

Most of our portfolio companies are headquartered in Austin, Texas, with a foreign subsidiary dedicated to R&D and technical development. The companies retain the favorable economics of a foreign technical team, while making Austin their launchpad for their US business development efforts.

We typically serve as the first institutional investor in our portfolio companies.

Our investments are usually at the pre-seed or seed round. Many of the companies we back are either bootstrapped or have received modest angel investments. That being said, we will selectively evaluate later-stage companies that are looking to expand to the US market.

We initially make modest investments with reserves for future rounds.
Our initial investment is typically between $500,000 to $1 million. However, we have access to significantly more capital through our own reserves, co-investment vehicles, and partner investors and continue to support our portfolio companies as they grow.
We love software and software-enabled companies.
We are particularly interested in Artificial Intelligence, FinTech, MedTech, EdTech, Enterprise Software, and Cybersecurity companies. However, we will look at any tech-driven company led by ambitious foreign-born entrepreneurs going after a large addressable market and having a scalable business model.
We go beyond providing funding to become trusted partners to our CEOs.
We actively engage with our portfolio companies, often serving on their boards and actively assisting them in setting strategy. We also connect our companies with a wide range of partners, customers, and investors to maximize their growth potential.

"Beyond our role of capital providers, we are founders, dreamers, and allies to every foreign-born entrepreneur seeking to change the world."
- Angelos and Nikos, Managing Partners

Why choose us

Investing in your vision: What sets us apart.

Shared Background

As experienced entrepreneurs and investors, we understand the nuances of building a business in the US. As fellow immigrants, we help you navigate the unique challenges and advantages of managing remote R&D teams effectively.

In-the-Trenches Experience

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we've weathered the storms and celebrated the victories. We're committed to supporting you through thick and thin. We stand by your side, helping you navigate the rough patches and seize opportunities.

Extensive Network

Our extensive network spans government, Fortune 500 companies, investors, and strategic partners. We leverage these deep connections, fostering valuable partnerships and relationships that can significantly expedite growth and save you years of effort.